We provide affordable Photography Services in Atlanta and Surrounding Areas. We offer Affordable Wedding & Event Photography including Engagement Shoots, Wedding Albums on Website, Backdrops, and more.  Working with our Photographers is so much fun as we pose you Traditionally and Shoot lots of Candids.



What's the #1 reason you should have a Video? To capture all the moments, to share moments, stories, talents and more. Many people don’t know how important videos are.  Yet after you experience an important day of your life you"ll either say, "THANK GOD I HAVE A VIDEO" or "I WISH I HAD A VIDEO."  It's easy to miss moments. Interactions, short films, documentaries, music videos, weddings, advertising, etc. all needs to be presented to the world. Everyone has a story to tell so why not tell it?


We provide affordable DJ services in Atlanta and all surrounding areas. You get the passionate DJ Preach on the 1s and 2s , who will also help with announcements and the coordination of your event. (SOUND SYSTEM, FLASHING LIGHT, CLEAN MUSIC AND THE ABILITY TO PULL UP ANY MUSIC ON THE SPOT)

Our T-shirts have the ability to change someone’s life as soon as they lay eyes on it. We allow you to customize your T-shirt just the way you want it.

Custom T-Shirts, Hoodies and More